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22/03/2010 10:33:17 AM

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The Our place forum is an online bulletin board.

Become a member and discover how teachers are using My Place in their classrooms.

Share your ideas and experiences about integrating My Place into your teaching and learning programs and special events in your community.

Consider how you could use the forum to enhance your exploration of the My Place book and episodes;

  • Investigate ways other teachers have introduced the My Place book and episodes to students
  • Share My Place ideas that have and haven’t worked for you
  • Upload and share units of work, teaching ideas and activities
  • Discuss how your students responded to the issues identified in the series
  • Explore other teachers’ contributions
  • Upload your students’ Our place stories for others to view
  • Discuss the value of related digital resources
  • Post details of local events related to My Place
  • Provide feedback and ideas about the My Place for Teachers website

In order to use the forum you must first register as a user. The instructions for registering can be found here.

Once you have registered, there are a number of topic areas you can access and contribute to. These are:

Where to start - How the forums work
My Place in the classroom - Share your teaching ideas and activities
What’s On? - The latest news, events and professional development
Talking My Place - Discuss the television series
Further resources - Share and discover additional supporting resources
Feedback - Your comments about the content of the My Place for Teachers website

If you have any questions about using the forums, please contact the Moderator.
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Home » Where to start » What is the Our place forum?

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