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25/03/2010 10:05:53 AM
"Our Place" website - MTCOS "Our Place" local history unit for Marrickville Tempe Community of Schools -
A teacher-created website about the history of the Marrickville, Tempe and Sydney area. Students learn about: identities, built environment, industry, transport, sport, land subdivision, Indigenous people, natural land environment, Cooks River and migration.

Includes lessons and student activities.
Study Level: Stage 2; Stage 3; Stage 4; Stage 5
Learning Area: English; Human Society and its Environment
Creator: Marrickville Tempe Community of Schools
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edited by Anna Kamasz on 25/03/2010
9/04/2010 2:23:04 PM
2010 Kids Kahootz Challenge, My Place - April 30th The 2010 Kids Kahootz Challenge is open to all innovative and creative students in Victoria, aged 10-13, who love to use Kahootz 3 to create movies, games and digital stories. This year’s challenge is set for Friday April 30!

This year the Kids Kahootz Challenge requires students to create an animated response to Nadia Wheatley’s My Place using the renowned Kahootz 3.0, 3-D digital authoring software. Kahootz 3.0 allows students to easily create, explore and invent in 3D. Children aged 7-15 can create amazing 3D scenes combining Kahootz characters, animals and buildings with enhanced animation, soundtracks, their own voice-over and special visual effects.

Selected students are invited to undergo one full day of training in storyboarding, green screen and game making at the Australian Centre of the Moving Image (ACMI), Federation Square, before working independently or in a group to create 3-D responses to the challenge.

Each participant is rewarded with great prizes donated by Dataworks and the ACTF. As the attending teacher your school will receive the sought after DVD set of “My Place the series” as well as the Teachers' Guide DVD-ROM.

If you want more information or are interested in nominating your students for this exciting and satisfying experience, contact Louise Bowe, E-learning, DEECD (03) 9637 2172 or email:
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6/06/2011 3:08:41 PM
Blast! 2011: My Place Pre-conference Workshop With ACARA introducing History as a learning area, many schools are now looking for engaging and creative ways to support students to develop an understanding of events and people that are significant to Australia’s history. The My Place series is the perfect place to start. When used in collaboration with the My Place website and interactive media collection, the episodes in My Place become a rich stimulus for learning and reflecting on Australian History. The key themes of the first series explore how family, community, living and technology has changed over the past few centuries.

In this workshop, participants will be taken on a guided tour of My Place by the ACTF team. For more information about this event, visit the conference website.
15/06/2011 1:57:30 PM
2010 Kids Kahootz Challenge, My Place - April 30th Simone wrote:
This sounds like a great challenge! Was there one for 2011?

Thanks Simone. This has been a great event, enjoyed by all schools who have been fortunate enough to participate. Unfortunately we have been unable to host a challenge since the latest, held in November 2010, but be sure to watch this space for information about any new challenges or programs in 2011/12!
20/06/2011 2:35:27 PM
My Place Series 2 - Coming Soon to ABC3! Don't miss the highly anticipated second series of award winning My Place. Broadcast begins Sunday 26th June at 5pm on ABC3.

The second series continues its adaptation of My Place, the children's book written by Nadia Wheatley and illustrated by Donna Rawlins. This time we start in 1878, before travelling back through Australia's history to 'Before Time', each episode telling the story of the children who lived there. The series includes all characters from the book and introduces us to three new characters; Dan, Waruwi and Bunda.

The rich content of the book and television series is encapsulated in the My Place for Teachers website. This exciting source of educational materials is designed to support teachers in exploring issues and contexts presented in My Place, both book and TV series. Following the first broadcast on 26th June, My Place for Teachers will launch an exciting new range teaching materials from series 2! This includes another 39 clips, all with supporting teaching resources written for both History and English and tailored to the new Australian Curriculum.

Read the book, watch the series, and then explore the teaching resources on this website, developed through a partnership of the Australian Children's Television Foundation and Education Services Australia.

Note: Australian schools with a Screenrights licence maycopy the series and retain it in their school library.
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edited by Ed Projects Officer on 20/06/2011
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